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Want to share your message with the Sisterhood Planet community?

If you are interested in sharing your wisdom and serving our audience, we would love for you to apply to share your message at a Sisterhood Planet Gathering!

About Sisterhood Planet:

The Sisterhood Conscious Conversations monthly interviews are shared with our global community of women on the fourth Wednesday of each month where they get a fresh dose of wisdom and guidance from experts in different fields for deeper self-awareness, self-care, and self-love.

The Sisterhood Planet Gatherings have the purpose to impart wisdom, inspiration, and tools to impact diverse women because when we heal ourselves, we heal the planet.

Our goal is that at the end of each gathering, our audience will have:

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Janet Bray Attwood is a New York Times Bestselling author, leader and teacher, known for her transformational work around the globe. Janet has received The President’s Volunteer Service Award, the World Peace Flame Award, and been recognized for her commitment to the healing of humanity. Learn more about Janet and her work here.

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Members of Sisterhood Planet are women who are passionate about transforming themselves to transform the world.

Our primary goal is to invite experts to share their wisdom on the Sisterhood Planet Gatherings to help women heal their bodies and emotions, so they can ultimately heal the planet.

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Sisterhood Planet guest interviews are 60 minutes each session. Each video interview is LIVE in a designated virtual Zoom meeting room, to be edited and posted as a replay within our community. Our format is conversational, informal, and fun, and focused on impacting our audience.

We are grateful for your interest in joining us for a Sisterhood Planet Gatherings. This is what we look for in a featured guest:

Benefits of being a Sisterhood Planet featured guest:

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To be considered as a potential guest on a Sisterhood Planet Gathering, please fill out and submit the form below – even if we’ve already invited you!

Please be sure to READ our Interview Agreement before applying.

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Thank you for your time and interest. We are grateful that you are a supporter of our movement.

Also, please connect with @sisterhoodplanet #sisterhoodplanet across all social media platforms. And make sure you press Submit below!