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"What if Women Ran the World?" Summit Interview Schedule

Lynne Twist

Soul of Money: Transforming The World Through Your Relationship With Money

Tuesday, February 14, 1pm CST

Anita Sanchez

The Four Elements of Healing the World

Wednesday, February 15, 1pm CST

Marci Shimoff

Serve the World by Learning How to Be Happy for No Reason

Thursday, February 16, 1pm CST

Radha Agrawal

The Power and Principles of Building a Community.

Friday, February 17, 1pm CST

Karen Putz

How the Gift of Passion Can Change the World

Saturday, February 18th, 1pm CST

Sage Lavine

Women Making Money with a Message for the WORLD

Saturday, February 18, 7pm CST

Lisa Nichols

Be the Designer of Your Destiny

Sunday, February 19, 1pm CST

Katherine Woodward Thomas

The Future of Love in the World

Monday, February 20, 1pm CST

Mary Morrissey

How to Reclaim Feminine Power By Building Your Dream

Tuesday, February 21, 1pm CST

Cynthia James

The Power of Women Awakening

Wednesday, February 22, 1pm CST

Sandra Yancey

The Power of Lifting as We Climb

Thursday, February 23, 1pm CST

Sadhvi Bhagwati

Using Spirituality to Heal Ourselves and The Planet

Friday, February 24, 1pm CST

Eram Saeed

How Muslim Women Can Heal the World

Saturday, February 25, 1pm CST

Shelly Lefkoe

The Single Thing That Keeps You From Realizing Your Dreams

Saturday, February 25, 7pm CST

Radharani Patel

How Rediscovering the Joy of Your True Nature Impacts the World

Sunday, February 26, 1pm CST

Debra Poneman

Creating a World That Works for Everyone

Monday, February 27, 1pm CST

Dr. Smita Naram

How to Create Long Lasting Relief and Vibrant Health And Transform the World

Tuesday, February 28, 1pm CST