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We are grateful you are here!

We invite you to be part of an international community of women who want to create change in their personal lives, their business, their communities, and the world.

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This community is for you because:

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Sisterhood Planet was founded by New York Times bestselling author and transformational leader Janet Bray Attwood in 2020 with the goal to help you heal yourself so you can heal the world.

With Janet as your mentor, Sisterhood Planet is an interactive forum where you can connect, commune, and collaborate with diverse women from around the world.

You will get 24/7 access to the Sisterhood Planet forum and to our exclusive online digital and audio library, as well as mentorship with Janet Attwood and carefully selected guest teachers.

And, because you are already seeking, growing, and making a difference in your own way, we would love for you to join our online forum. ​

Even though our current annual membership price is a fraction of what it should be because of the massive value you get, our team has created a no-brainer offer for you to join NOW and get a taste of our community.

You can join Sisterhood Planet for 30 whole days for only $1 and you can cancel at any time… but we are confident that you won’t… because in Sisterhood Planet, you will find the tools, the awareness, and the support you’ve been searching for.

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Our Global Sisters are seeing concrete results and creating breakthroughs in these areas:

… and so much more!

Are you next?

We hope so and that’s why you can join for only $1.00 USD today!

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Live and on-demand masterclasses and Q&A with leaders, teachers, and master trainers providing expert guidance, tips, wisdom, advice, and tools to help you live your most magnificent and impactful life.

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Access to our private high-frequency members-only forum where women from all around the world come together to engage, inspire one another, and ask for ongoing advice on how to take action aligned with your passion, in service to humanity.

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Virtual master mentoring from our founder, Janet Attwood and special guests who are making a difference in the world in a big way. Plus, the opportunity to peek into Janet’s spiritual toolbox so you can enhance your spiritual practice.

Click the button below to join us for 30 days - and stay forever!

We’re waiting with arms wide open.

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"I now know that I have a lot to offer and I'm ready to contribute again to people in their creation of a truly fulfilled life with inner peace and happiness.”

~ Eva Hellgren - Norway

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"I had spent decades doing the inner healing work but I have never come across a program that really got to the core of what I needed in a way that was so profound, yet simple and easy to apply.”

~ Lety Martinez - United States

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"I was struggling to get my business off the ground. Now, I am delivering workshops, developing courses, and helping others along the way.” "

~ Rossana, Canada

What are you waiting for?
Give yourself this gift today!

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I’m so confident that Sisterhood Planet will create a radical and lasting effect in your life that if you renew your membership after your $1.00 USD 30-day trial, I’m offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you have participated and did not receive value above what you paid, we will honor a full, fast, friendly refund.

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If you’re still not sure, or even if you’re just curious, I recommend you spend just one dollar ($1.00 USD) and try it all out.

Then you can renew your membership and take advantage of your 30-day unlimited risk-free access, and browse our library, before you make your decision.

Consider this the sign you’ve been looking for. I’ll see you on the other side.


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Disclaimer: My mission is to help women heal themselves so they can heal the planet. As stipulated by law, I cannot make any guarantees and do not have any guarantees about your own ability to earn money or get results using what I or other members or guest teachers in the Sisterhood Planet community share with you. Your results are absolutely up to you, and depend solely on you and the actions you take. The testimonials and personal stories referenced on this page and our communications about this program, should not be considered typical, and all financial numbers we share should be considered illustrative, not as a promise of your potential earnings or results. With that being said, I do believe in this program and I do believe in you. My team is willing to support you every step of the way. You’ve got this!