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We would love for your interview to be a success, so we’ve compiled the information below to help you prepare.

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Upon reviewing your application and deciding that you might be a good fit, our Producer will be reaching out to you to discuss the theme or angle that works best for the audience.

An executed Interview Agreement is required prior to your interview.

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Our LIVE Sisterhood Planet interviews happen on the 4th Wednesday of the month at 10:00 am PT / 11:00 am MT / 12:00 pm CT/ 1:00 pm ET and do not typically exceed 60 minutes.

Our producer will prepare a Run of Show, however, each interview is an unscripted conversation, one sister to another. We do want you to share concrete examples, tools, and action steps that our audience can use and implement.

We will speak briefly before we allow attendees into the Zoom Webinar room. We’ll check the sound, lighting, and discuss any questions that may have come up.

Then we’ll let participants in and we’ll let the conversation flow. I will introduce you, reference your expertise, announce the topic we’re covering, and welcome you to the show. Even though this is a live recording, every show is edited shortly after it is recorded, please feel free to restate anything that you felt didn’t quite sound right. For example, you may say “Let me say that in a different way…”

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Below are some examples of questions I may ask you; however, I will ask some of the questions you submitted, and we strive to prioritize the questions submitted by our community members both before and during the interview.

The flow of the interview will also be guided by the power of intuition. I may decide to riff off of your responses to dive deeper into a topic that feels right.

Wrap up:

I’ll then thank you for the interview and say goodbye to the audience.

Sisterhood Planet Community | Prep & Uploads Text

If you have not yet provided or uploaded your photos, artwork, interview questions, and any other relevant files, please be sure to email the files to our team:

If you have any links, photos, videos, downloads, or resources that you’d like included in the show notes, please provide those, as well. Make sure everything is high-resolution so it creates a quality image for your brand.

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The show is an audio and video program, so please be camera ready for the interview. We will be conducting the interview over Zoom video conferencing.

When you book your interview time, your confirmation email [and calendar invite] will contain the Zoom Webinar URL you will need to click to join the call.

We will connect on Zoom at the appointed time.

For the best sound quality, please:

For the best video output, please:

If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to send an email to