Robyn O’Brien is on the Forbes Impact 50 List for her courageous and impactful work at the intersection of food and climate.

A visionary futurist, Robyn brings optimism, passion, integrity and fortitude to her keynotes and work with S&P 500 clients to help leaders transform and scale their businesses. Her story, inspiring the food industry to change, touches everyone.

Robyn is frequently the highest rated presenter at conferences and regularly appears on Tony Robbins’ stage. She is often seen in Forbes or in the New York Times, People, on CNN, the Today Show, Good Morning America and other media. She inspired millions with her bestselling book and courageous TEDx talk which has been translated into dozens of languages.  

Her work to build the future of food came with invaluable lessons around climate, innovation in food and ag+tech, leadership, courage, technology, data, disruption, engagement and communication.

She was co-founder and Managing Director of rePlant Capital, a financial services firm scaling climate solutions. She is a best-selling author and futurist who can speak to the importance of technology, data integrity, gender equity, courage, creativity and resiliency in any organization. Her work in impact and mission has defined her career.

Robyn has been recognized by Erin Brockovich, Ted Turner, CEOs, professional athletes, King Charles, celebrities, musicians and business leaders. She is originally from Texas and speaks candidly about the personal transformation required to lead. She is a dual citizen, US+New Zealand, serves on the advisory board of OANZ, received a Fulbright fellowship to Paris and studied French, Spanish and Japanese before pursuing her MBA on a full scholarship. She is a mother of four and adjunct professor at Rice University’s business school.  She is named after a farmer who survived cancer.