Eram was born into a blindfolded world. South Asian society had been leading itself through regulations enforced by toxic patriarchy, running a zero-sum game against itself. No one dared question the commands of twisted man-made norms and male chauvinism. But born a zealous visionary, she was lit with a spark of determination to bring about a massive transformation in the world. In finding the power within two dynamic mindsets, she knew in her heart that to unite the women of the east with those in the west would birth a synergy so powerful, that it could change millions of lives- So that is exactly what she did.

Following two abusive marriages, Eram was left looking within for a ray of hope- one that could present her universal truths. 20 years of her life learning from the top thought leaders of the western world undid the very blindfold that the unawakened fastened around her eyes. The thorough study of Mind Sciences and Self Development left Eram with a drive to spread this knowledge to the world at a larger scale- especially to those that she knew needed it the most. And in an epiphanic moment, she soon realized that the prime example of Self Mastery was already apparent in Islam- The very faith introduced to the society she was born into, which she soon found out had been misinterpreted, maladapted, and warped endlessly. 

She knew her spiritual awakening was one to be shared with the misled within the Indian subcontinent. So, she began sharing what she learned from the West with a dominantly female Pakistani audience that rapidly grew to millions all over Asia. She found the sweet spot for them, maintaining Islamic values in her speech whilst presenting to them the infinite possibilities and methods of  Self Transformation and introducing to them the rights that misogyny hid from them. Her platform rose and has since been popularised in the West as well, revealing to them the truth about Islam for the sophisticated system that it promotes. Having bridged the gap between the East and the West, Women, and Men, Man and Divinity, Eram continues to invite the world to open their eyes, for she truly believes that the Universal Truth remains true, and is not dependent on one’s religion.