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By joining Sisterhood Planet, you are becoming part of an interactive global family where you can commune, contribute, and collaborate. As sisters, we heal ourselves to heal the world!

Hi, I’m Janet Attwood!

For many years, I wondered how I could lessen not only humanity’s pain and suffering, but also that of the planet.

That’s why I created Sisterhood Planet, a global community of women for women who want to claim their gifts of compassion, affection, and heartfelt desire to affect change and create enlightened alliances with other change makers.

Welcome! I’m so happy you’re here!

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The Sisterhood Planet community forum, members-only events, and online programming has been designed to help you grow, learn, and get inspired to thrive.

Gathering. Our exclusive events will allow you to engage in deep conversations with transformational leaders and heart-centered sisters who both seek to give and receive answers and support, elevate each other’s voices, and heal the collective consciousness.

Growth. Learn concrete and meaningful ways to manifest your deepest desires, grow in every area of your life and the rituals, tools, and resources you need to implement them. We challenge old patterns of thinking to pursue transformation, follow your passions, and practice self-love.

Global Perspective. Sisterhood Planet members represent diverse women located all around the world, all ready to learn and offer a wise perspective - in their own language. Together, we practice service and solidarity and take collective action to heal ourselves to heal the world.

Come build authentic lifelong relationships with women who, like you, want to harness their feminine power, be part of something greater than themselves, and create a life of purpose.

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Healing Our Body

We’ll explore powerful ways to unite with the energy of love so it can heal you in every way. Once you fall in love with yourself and treat yourself accordingly, you find that you radiate vibrant health and have so much more energy to make a big impact.

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Healing Our Emotions

Fear holds women back from taking action and living their dreams. We will release the old energy and limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck and transform it so that you have the courage to follow your heart.

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Healing Our Spirits

Sisterhood Planet is a safe space, a fully feminine place that combines the intuitive and the rational, the emotional and the physical, the esoteric and the mainstream, the inner spiritual, and the outer material.

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Healing The Planet

We will use our collective consciousness to raise the vibration of the planet. We’ll also look into the latest sustainable renewable and regenerative technologies that will help heal the planet, making it a safe environment for our children to grow up in.

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Sisterhood Planet Community | Sisterhood Planet Testimonial Eva
Sisterhood Planet Community | Quotation Mark

I now know that I have a lot to offer and I'm ready to contribute again to people in their creation of a truly fulfilled life with inner peace and happiness.

I also learned how to create healthy boundaries to navigate the balance of caring for my elderly parents, being there for my daughters, starting a new business, while caring for my own needs.”

~ Eva Hellgren - Norway

Sisterhood Planet Community | Sisterhood Planet Testimonial Lety
Sisterhood Planet Community | Quotation Mark

This work has helped me to powerfully love my full and complete self. I had spent decades doing the inner healing work but I have never come across a program that really got to the core of what I needed in a way that was so profound, yet simple and easy to apply. Self love isn't just having a loving emotion, it's also about standing up for yourself in loving ways, creating healthy boundaries and forming life affirming habits that support your overall well being.

~ Lety Martinez - United States

Sisterhood Planet Community | Sisterhood Planet Testimonial Rossana
Sisterhood Planet Community | Quotation Mark

I was struggling to get my business off the ground. Now, I am delivering workshops, developing courses, and helping others along the way. I am finally in charge of my own life, at peace with who I am, and loving the relationships I have with my family members, friends, and strangers. I am actually looking at the world through a clearer lense.”

~ Rossana, Canada

If all of this resonates, we would love for you to join us!

With love,

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Janet Bray Attwood

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